GURILLA Q&A with 'BabyJoe" Taimanglo

GURILLA BATTALION has caught up with one of our favorite GURILLA athletes, ‘BabyJoe' Taimanglo, after he shocked the world at Bellator 159 by defeating Darrion Caldwell by submission.  With the win, Baby Joe is now the No. 1 contender for the Bellator bantamweight title and is currently ranked No. 9 in the world.  The GURILLA team is excited to be working with him as he recovers from his most recent bout and prepares for his title match against Eduardo Dantas.  Our team had a chance to sit down and talk to him about how GURILLA rollers helped him to be successful in his last bout.  Let’s hear what he had to say!


Q:  First, off Joe, congrats on the big win.  How does it feel to go out there and represent Guam and your family?

A: “It’s one of the greatest feelings to go out there and put Guam on the map. To have my family there and show them what I’ve become, from a little kid to now, it’s just a blessing. I’m so happy to put Guam out there and show the world that our people have what it takes to be on this level.” 

Q: Working with MMA fighters is a pretty unique experience for our recovery team.  What are some key factors that you would stress for preparation and recovery?

A: “Preparation and recovery is incredibly important in MMA. I believe you're doing it all wrong If you do not take care of your body from start to finish.  MMA is a sport where you can seriously get injured or permanently hurt so you have to take care of your body throughout every step of your journey.” 

Q: As a professional MMA fighter, you obviously have a highly developed pre-fight routine. How did team GURILLA help you in your preparation for your most recent fight?

A: “Team Gurilla helped me before training with dynamic stretching and a light roll out.  After training we would cool down with some dynamic and static stretching and then finish up with a full on deep roll out to help flush out the lactic acid and work on knots so that I could recover more quickly from my workouts.”                                        

Q: In your professional opinion, how would you rate GURILLA rollers?

A: “The GURILLA rollers are very effective before my workouts to help loosen up my muscles and after my workouts to help me in speeding up my recovery.”                                   

Q: What do you like most about GURILLA rollers?

A: “GURILLA rollers are super durable, as they are able to meet the high level demands that my team and I place on them, and I like that GURILLA has different products to target specific areas on my body.”

Q: What is some advice that you would give other MMA fighters?

A: “Preparation and recovery are important parts of training that many athletes overlook. Every serious athlete, MMA or any other sport, needs a GURILLA roller.”

Q: Would you recommend GURILLA products to anyone else?

A: “I would recommend Gurilla rollers to not just athletes but everyone who is trying to live an active and healthy lifestyle in general.”

Q: Submission or Knockout?

A: “I am good with both. I go in to every competition in MMA trying to either win by submission or knock out!  Never want to leave it in the judges’ hands!”

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us BabyJoe.  We are stoked to help you prepare for your next fight and help you bring the belt home to Guam!

GURILLA BATTALION partnering with Gladiator Rock N Run

GURILLA BATTALION partnering with Gladiator Rock N Run

As kids, many of us dream of becoming professional athletes in the various sports that we play.  Whether it was soccer, basketball, rugby or any other sport, training hard to attain our goals became a way of life. 

Then reality set in, and the majority of us, 99.9%, didn’t make it to the professional leagues. In the end, we have had to settle for occupations that maybe don’t excite us in the same way as athletic competition.  While these occupations pay the bills and put food on the table, they often times leave us wanting for something more: something that fuels our passions and stimulates our competitive nature.

Enter Gladiator Rock N Run obstacle mud run. This summer the runs are taking place in San Diego, CA and Los Angeles, CA and it’s a chance for us competitors to release our inner athletes.  Get ready!

With no less than 3.2 miles and 17 obstacles to overcome, the Gladiator Rock N Run will challenge both your strength and your endurance.  Maybe in preparation you have been a regular at your local crossfit box or neighborhood gym, participating in high intensity training sessions, lifting weights or working on your cardiovascular endurance.  While you pride yourself with taking great care of your body and maintaining or improving your athletic abilities, chances are that you are unknowingly neglecting an important aspect of your training regimen – your recovery.


GURILLA BATTALION specializes in elite athletic performance recovery products and with these events fast approaching, it is imperative to understand the importance of incorporating a recovery routine in to your regular workouts.  As an athlete, you make sure you eat right, you get the correct amount of sleep, and you put in the work in training, so why not learn how to improve your recovery?  Using Gurilla Ground Rollers and Muscles Styks for myofascial and connective tissue massage could be the first step towards improving your post workout recovery, as regular usage can lead to dramatic improvements in your muscular health.

How do GURILLA ground rollers and muscle styks help you?  Before a workout or competition, you want to spend a few minutes rolling out target muscle groups that you plan to utilize in your workout.  This helps to prime the body for your workout by stimulating blood flow and lengthening your fascia, ensuring that all of your tissue is available for movement.  Once you have completed your workout, self-myofascial tissue release helps to reset the tissues that were called upon during the workout.  This means that you are the agent of change in your own soft tissue, as you use a roller or styk to release tissue restrictions such as trigger points, muscle tightness and other dysfunctions in soft tissue that may cause pain, limit range of motion and decrease blood flow.  All of these actions help to decrease recovery time, which results in better workouts and better results from your training regimen.  As an athlete, you are always looking for that edge that takes you over the top and it’s possible that focusing on your recovery could be just the edge that you need! 

For more information on Gurilla Battalion or information on how to properly use muscle rollers and styks, visit www.Gurillabn.com.  For information on how to sign up for the Gladiator Rock N Run in either San Diego or Los Angeles, please visit www.gladiatorrocknrun.com.

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